Welcome To What’s On Your Grill: Item #1: Woody’s Sardines, Milpitas CA

"Grilled Sardines" "What's On Your Grill" "Grilled Seafood"
"Grilled Sardines" "What's On Your Grill" "Grilled Seafood"

MMMMM...Smelt like Sardines!

There, I hope that the above photo renders properly in this format because this is our FIRST photo on our new site, What’s On Your Grill, or, whatsonyourgrill.com

This was an awesome concoction from one of the Oakland Coliseum’s finest tailgaters, David “Woody” Woodward. Check out the recipe below and let me know if you would make, and or eat this dish.

1) Rub them down with olive oil.

 2) Make a mixture of sea salt, Chili powder, crushed chili flakes, smoked black pepper, garlic powder, turmeric and corn starch.  Rub them down with this mixture and let sit in the fridge for an hour. 

 3) Grill on a hot grill about 3 minutes a side

MMMMM…MMM, we sure can cook out on the West Coast. Taco trucks or fine dining get the most press for their offerings, but, our tailgaters definitely know how to throw down.

I have many more photos, recipes and videos to share with you, so check back soon and feel free to post some of your own.

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