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Pig On The Grill

Now That Is A Raider Grill!

In this shot, you can see the cheese and sausage stuffed jalapeƱos, passillas, bubbling chorizo and grilled onions. This is a Raider-Gate! Advertisements

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Smoked Bacon Wrapped Baby Backs

Tell me that this photo doesn’t want to make you eat your screen. Slow smoked Swine and Swine is hard to beat!

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"Horny Little Deviled Eggs" "Deviled Eggs"

Horny Little Deviled Eggs by Poppa Funk:

There aren’t many things that you can count on in life. Well, besides, death, taxes AND the fact that at every Oakland Raider home game, Poppa Funk will be eating, drinking and serving something with bacon in it, there really is not much that you can rely on…Is There…? Funk’s Horny Little Deviled Eggs are […]

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