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Veggies On The Grill

Now That Is A Raider Grill!

In this shot, you can see the cheese and sausage stuffed jalapeƱos, passillas, bubbling chorizo and grilled onions. This is a Raider-Gate! Advertisements

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Mmmmmmario’s Cheesy Bread: (Video)

This is a Grill Iron Gang delight. Simple, yet, so necessary and delicious. In this video you will see Mario’s famous recipe and delivery!

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How To Cut A Watermelon in Under One Minute(Video)

This has got to be the quickest go-to watermelon cutting technique in the books. I have, personally, used this technique every single time since I shot this piece. Clean, quick and delicious! In this video, it took a little over a minute, but this is the one minute technique.

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